Taman Ayun Temple, Badung Bali

05 Agu

Taman Ayun temple is one temple in Bali. This temple was built in 1634 by “Cokorda Sakti Blambangan“. Once upon time this temple was built only for the royal family. Over time this temple to becomed publik temple. This temple of land sourounded by  the pool from far away the shape of this temple looks like around and gives the impression that the temple is located above the water surface. This pool used for fishing activities for tourism. It is located in Mengwi village, Mengwi Sub District, Badung Regency aproximately 18 km from Denpasar. Taman Ayun temple is derived from the words “Taman and Ayu”. “Taman means garden, and Ayu means beautiful”. So Taman Ayun means beautiful garden.  Taman Ayun temple has area of 100m x 250m . It is divided into three area. The first area is “Jaba Side”. Thera are many sellers, beautiful fountains. wantilan is typical Balinese multi functional building for the meetings, preparation of traditional ceremoniesperformances or entertainment. The function or this area is secular activities. the second area is “Jaba The Middle”. There are is Bale Kulkul, Bale Pelik to worship spirits of the king and Dewata Nawa Sanga structure. The function or this area is praying for hindusm. The third area is “Jeroan”. It is according that is temple building with 9 multistoried roofs. It is very sacred because it’s only for the priests and the gods. This temple is suitable for every body.

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